The Richmond App Collection features apps for Prechool, Primary, Young Adults and Business English.


Crickets Nursery and Crickets Level 1 feature an App for children to improve their fine motor skills. Children will do tracing and coloring activities with different levels of difficulty in the fascinating world of Crickets.

Letters and Sounds is an enjoyable App designed to help children learn to recognize letters and how they sound.

It fosters children's psychomotor development as well as their listening and reading skills.


Pathway to Certification is an App that helps students practice skills for the Cambridge Starters, Movers, Flyers; Key for Schools (KET) tests; as well as the TOEFL® Young Students Series.

Young Adults

The Big Picture App is an exciting multi-level game which helps adult students learn and increase their vocabulary. This highly original and fast-paced game was short listed for an ELTon in Digital Innovation. Start playing now to see if you can top the leader board!

See grammar come alive with the Visual Grammar App, based on the popular Visual Grammar A2 Book by Jim Scrivener. Animated videos, lively illustrations and clear diagrams help students to picture grammar, and a range of activities offer practice with immediate feedback.


The Richmond Mazes Apps are a series of interactive readers which allow students to steer their own path through the story and create alternative outcomes. Also available as readers, the first two titles focus on a realistic scenario from the world of work.